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She Rallies Lockdown Skills Challenge

We’ve linked up with Tina Manning our She Rallies Ambassador for H&W, who’s set us 8 skills Challenges to complete, straight from the She Rallies ‘FUN DAYS’ training course.

She Rallies is an LTA initiative championed by Judy Murray, which aims to create more opportunities for women and girls in tennis.

We’ll issue 2 skills activities each day from Thursday till Sunday.

It’ll only take you 2 minutes per skill and each skill is designed for the whole family!

You can either do the skills each day and record your score or practice through the week and then put them all together for one big family skills circuit!

The great news is that Judy Murray is offering a prize for the highest total score achieved by a household!

We'll be uploading all the challenge videos to this page.

Good Luck!

How to play

  • Decide on a team name and split into pairs;
  • Don't forget to warm up to start! Practice each skill before you start the clock;
  • Individual challenges – work for 2 minutes on the skill with your partner doing the same;
  • Pairs challenge – work for 1 minute on one part of the skill and then swap with your partner for the
    next minute;
  • Take a note of the scores after each round and add them all up at the end for each pair….then add together for a family total!

    Let us know your total family score ie from 4 people (2 pairs)

    If there's only 2 in your household, do it twice! IF there's more than 4 then give us your best scores
    from 2 pairs!

How to enter

  • Take a few videos of you in action (IN LANDSCAPE)
  • Email your team name, video(s) and total family score to or WhatsApp to 07776 138088

Any questions please email Ade Bates at the same email address.

Closing date

The closing date for entries is 6pm on Sunday May 31st. Entries will not be accepted after this time.

Challenge Overview

Details of each challenge and an introduction can be downloaded below.


Activities 1 & 2


Activities 3 & 4

Activities 5 & 6


Activities 7 & 8



Contacting our Ambassador

Tina Manning can be contacted on


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Karndean Designflooring
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