February 3, 2021

World Tennis Number

The LTA is introducing the ITF World Tennis Number – a brand new, inclusive and modern rating system for all players in Britain which will replace the LTA Rating System in Spring 2021. The modernisation and innovation of the rating system was identified as a priority area to improve during the LTA’s Competition Review by coaches, referees, players and parents and the LTA has worked alongside the ITF and other leading tennis nations, playing a leading role in the development of the new system, which will be used by national associations around the world to help create a common language across tennis.

Visit the LTA website for full details.

It is a single global tennis rating for all players, regardless of age, ability or gender - from the world’s elite to a player taking part in their first competition. The scale will see players given a rating from 40 to 1, with recreational players starting close to 40 and the professionals being close to 1.

The ITF World Tennis Number also includes doubles players – with separate Numbers for both singles and doubles.

It updates each week to provide a ‘real time’ skill level rating that can be trusted and relied upon. Each individual’s Number will be calculated by a sophisticated algorithm that has been specifically developed for tennis using the world leading expertise. The more you compete, the more accurate your rating will be with players being able to better track their progress in a new player dashboard.

The ITF World Tennis Number will allow players to be grouped with other well-matched opponents, providing more appropriate and enjoyable competition for the players taking part. It will support venues, coaches and officials in setting up competitions and finding people of the same standard to play. This could include box leagues, club championships and county & district leagues. In relation to player acceptance criteria for sanctioned competitions, the LTA Rating will be replaced with the ITF World Tennis Number.

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