January 21, 2021

H&W LTA Winter League Update

Dear Clubs,

After the latest national lockdown we contacted you regarding the postponement of the winter leagues 20/21. At that time we suspended the leagues till the end of January.

This was then followed by the LTA cancelling all tennis competitions up to Sunday 28th February.

As you all know we tried back in September to run the winter league as normal, were met by the challenges of the November lockdown and the tier systems which restricted some of our clubs from playing league tennis  at various points.

So this leaves us in a position where despite good intentions, if and when we are able to play again there will be too much to do to be able to finish the current winter league in time for summer. We are not in a position to be able to calculate standings as we did last year as not enough matches have been played.

Given the above we regret to inform you that we have taken the decision to cancel the 2020/21 winter leagues. As very little tennis was actually played we will ask the LTA to re-set the leagues in readiness for 21/22. There will be no relegation or promotion simply starting again. If clubs find themselves wishing to enter more teams then that can be accommodated nearer the time as and when the entry forms come in.

We appreciate that this might be disappointing to some/a relief to others. When competitive tennis resumes you may wish to play matches within your divisions on a friendly basis although the results will not count towards league standings

All being well we will be able to meet and play again soon.

Best Wishes,

Mike Howard
Chair Senior Sub-development Committee

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