June 21, 2021

11U Girls County Cup

Venue: Leicestershire Tennis & Squash Club
Date: 19/20 June 2021


  • Steve Barnett (Captain)
  • Katy Lewin (Assistant)
  • Kiah
  • Leanna
  • Leila
  • Grace

Day 1 – 19th June

Day one was all about singles, with the referee anticipating heavy rain on the Sunday, she wanted to get all the singles matches complete. The girl’s first head-to-head was against Leicestershire, a tough start. Leanna and Grace started first, with Leanna at seed 4 and Grace at 3. Leanna played some great tennis but lost in the third set tiebreak and Grace played some confident tennis to win in straight sets. Leila played at 2nd seed and Kiah at 1 but unfortunately both lost to a strong opposition, leaving us 3-1 down in the first round. The second round was against Derbyshire, with the same singles order, the result was more promising. Grace and Leila won their matches in straight sets, with Leila having an epic match against her opponent and came out on top winning 12-10 in the match tiebreak. Kiah had an extremely resilient opponent at 1st seed, who made very few errors and beat Kiah in straight sets. A 3-1 lead against Derbyshire got the girls fired up for the next round! Shropshire suffered the same fate to H&W with Leanna and Grace winning both of their matches in straight sets again and Kiah making short work of her opponent to win 4-1, 4-0. Leila fought hard against her opponent at 2nd seed but unfortunately lost 4-2, 4-2; leaving us 3-1 up against Shropshire. The final round of the day was against Staffordshire, with energy levels dropping the girls fought hard to get 2 rubbers from their respective opponents leaving us 2-2 for the day. A very long day with some excellent tennis on the artificial clay courts, a new surface for some of our team!

Day 2 – 20th June

The second day was doubles day! No matches were complete, and the girls were fired up ready after a high intensity warmup and specific tactics for each pair. Leila and Leanna played at 2nd pair and Kiah and Grace at 1st pair. The matches started out tough with both pairs losing the first set, but with both H&W pairs fighting back to get to the third set tiebreak. Leila and Leanne played well and took the first match 10-8 in the tiebreak, Kiah and Grace were under pressure after being down 8-2 in the match tiebreak but showed their class to come back, winning the next 8 points in a row to win the match! At 3-3, Leanna and Kiah played the shootout, against coming back from 5-1 down to win 10-6! Let’s got H&W! With such a great result early in the day the girls continued their performance to beat both Derbyshire and Shropshire in both doubles matches ending in 5-1 wins against the counties. The final showdown was with Staffordshire. Kiah and Grace won their match comfortable with the score 4-2, 4-0; Leanna and Leila fought hard but narrowly lost 10-6 in the match tiebreak to put us into another shootout! Leanna and Kiah stepped up again and showed great determination to finish the weekend with another win and did not disappoint!

Finishing top of the table and undefeated for the weekend was a fantastic result for the girls! Some very close matches and excellent play under pressure from all the team! A big thank you to all the parents and to Katy Lewin for the immense support all weekend.


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Steve Barnett (Captain)

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