What is Visually Impaired Tennis?

The game of tennis was first adapted to be used for blind and partially sighted people in Japan in 1984 and has quickly grown in popularity.

This version of tennis is for blind (classified as a B1 player) or partially sighted people (dependent on the level of sight loss they are classified in the spectrum between B2- B5).

The game is adapted from the full court version to a smaller court, with lower nets and using an audible ball so players can hear it bounce and being hit. Depending on an individuals’ sight level they may have up to three bounces of the ball before they must return it back to their opponent.

Opportunities in H&W

Several venues across H&W run special Visually Impaired tennis sessions throughout the year. Details of these sessions are below:

Malvern VI Tennis Group
Mondays, 3-30 - 4.30pm

Droitwich Tennis in the Lido Park
Saturdays, 10 - 11am

If you would like further information about these sessions, would like to attend or volunteer, please contact Neil Bates on 07711 290563.

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