Herefordshire and Worcestershire Tennis League
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The 2020 County Handbook is now available for you to download via the handbook page.

Tennis Coaching Hints & Tips

Via the H&W LTA YouTube Channel we will be bringing you a series of coaching tips from a range of H&W LTA Coaches. This page will be updated on a monthly basis or sooner if we have the videos.

If you want to access the YouTube Channel directly, please click on the below logo.


Kirk gives us a few tips with his Quickfire Coaching Tips.


Classic return of serve fails Split step Ready position
Kick serve Slice serve Foot position and finishing position
Directing the serve Forehand unit turn part 2 Forehand unit turn
Forehand drill Forehand swing Forehand grip
Practice wall drills Two handed backhand Dealing with windy conditions
Service Looking at the ball toss Drill to improve topspin


Physio Room

Achilles tendon    
Ice Anti-inflammatories Stretches

Back pain Sholder joint Tennis elbow

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