LTA County Cup Dates

County Cup events give players the opportunity to represent their county in team competition in national/regional stages. Events are held at different times of the year and in order to compete players have to be selected by their county.

There are separate County Cup competitions for six age groups, 18U, 14U, 12U, 11U, 10U and 9U.

Senior County Calendar 2021

Men’s and Ladies Winter County Cup
Friday 10 to Sunday 12 December

Junior County Calendar 2022

Below is the list of County Cup dates, which could be subject to change.

8U County Cup

9U County Cup 
Sunday 20 March (Qualifying)
Sunday 24 April (Finals)

10U County Cup
Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May (Qualifying)
Friday 10 to Sunday 12 June (Finals)

11U County Cup
Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June (Qualifying)
Friday 8 to Sunday 10 July (Finals)

12U County Cup
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September (Qualifying)
Friday 30 September to Sunday 2 October (Finals)

14U County Cup
Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May (Qualifying)
Friday 13 to Sunday 15 May (Finals)

18U County Cup
Friday 4 to Sunday 6 March

12 Counties Championships 2021/2 - Division 2B

12U     5th December 2021  
16U     2nd January 2022     
10U     16th January 2022    
18U     20th February 2022   
14U     2nd April 2022            

Opponents – Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire

All events will use the 2022 age groups

Senior County Calendar 2022

Men’s and Ladies Summer County Cup
Monday 18 to Friday 22 July

Over 35s County Cup
Ladies – Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July
Men’s – Friday 12 to Sunday 14 August (TBC)

Men’s and Ladies Winter County Cup
Friday 9 to Sunday 11 December

Seniors County Cup
Monday 4 April to Monday 3 October (Qualifying)
Friday 28 to Sunday 30 October (Finals TBC)

What is the ‘County Cup Race’

The County Cup Race recognises a County’s performance in all County Cup Events. Points will be allocated after each event, starting with the 18U Event in March and will conclude with the Winter County Cup Event at the end of November.

The County with the most points across all Events will be recognised as the overall County Cup Race Champion for that year. In addition, recognition will also be made to the county making the biggest year on year improvement on their previous year’s final position.

  • Points are awarded per County Cup Event (male and female events)
  • For the Summer, Winter, Over 35s and 18U County Cup Events counties will receive ‘initial’ base points according to the group they are in and then additional (‘group’) points according to their final group position
  • The points for the 14U, 12U, 11U and 10U County Cup Events are cumulative based on their success at the group stage and the finals stage (if applicable)
  • 9U teams are allocated group points only

Further information on the County Cup Race is available on the LTA website.


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